How Does Graston Technique Help Fibromyalgia?

Back spine disease. Closeup view tired female massaging her neckThe Graston Technique is also known as soft tissue assistance mobilization. It is one of the various manual approaches that uses instruments while massaging the skin.

The treatment is intended to help the specialist to identify the regions of restriction and then proceed to break down the scar tissue. This technique is practiced by chiropractors, osteopathic doctors, physical therapists and some massage therapists.

This manual soft tissue technique was invented by David Graston. Mr. Graston was having difficulty recovering from a knee injury he sustained while water skiing. He thought that massage therapy could be effective. He then designed a set of tools to help with his recovery. The basis for the idea behind the tools is cross friction massage which was developed by Dr. James Cyriax.

Objective of Graston Technique

The goal of the treatment is to reduce pain by using a manual approach. During this procedure, the scar tissue associated with an injury to delicate muscle tissue is broken down. The connective tissue stretches by rearranging the structure of the soft tissue.

There is a neurological benefit of this treatment as well. The studies reveal that when a patient is given manual or instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, it activates certain nerve fibers. Mechanoreceptors (receptors that respond to different pressures on the body) and proprioceptors (receptors that can tell where the body is in space), appear to react to this type of treatment.

Pains That are Relieved by Graston Technique

People who face the problem of chronic pain can be helped.   Pain and muscle weakness do not allow one to work efficiently and enjoy life properly.  Chronic pain impedes work activities both at home and on the job, so treating this pain is important to start function normally again.

The Graston technique treats the muscular or musculoskeletal pain accompanied by stiffness and tenderness, a condition known as fibromyalgia. This treatment is an innovative way that eliminates pain while at the same time reestablishes muscle strength. The treatment helps in treating fibromyalgia and chronic inflammation.

Treatment Procedure

The method involves breaking down scar tissue and fascial restrictions in muscles and ligaments.  This process has helped many individuals function better, empowering them to continue their daily day-to-day activities.

The specialist utilizes unique stainless steel instruments during the massage to identify and treat soft tissue. These tools are intended to direct and deal with the soft tissue areas. The treatment is accomplished by stretching and strengthening muscles.

Whenever there is an issue of chronic pain, the reason can be a soft tissue adhesion that is restricting muscle contraction. The Graston treatments bring relief by healing those areas. The stretching allows the tissues to heal properly.

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