How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Without Medicine

Male chiropractor doing neck adjustment in the medical officeAs of today, about 70% of American citizens suffer from neck pain due to various reasons. Even a mild neck pain can impact daily life significantly because this condition can reduce the productivity of a person. At times, conventional treatments for neck pain can be frustrating. Therefore, it is better to know how to get rid of neck pain without the use of medicine.


Chronic neck pain can be treated pretty effectively using the ancient method called acupuncture. During the recent past, acupuncture has become popular particularly because of its effectiveness. As per the acupuncture specialists, there are more than 2,000 points on the human body. These points are connected to different parts of the body; treatments are carried out by inserting ultrathin needles into these points.

Sleeping Pillow

A considerable number of neck pain problems are associated with bad sleeping positions. If the pillow used doesn’t create a good position during sleep, it might cause neck pain. Therefore, it is better to find the correct type of sleeping pillow that helps maintain a comfortable, healthy posture. Use of high stacks of pillows can make the neck stiff overnight. The key is to keep the spine straight while sleeping on side.


Neck pain associated with conditions like osteoarthritis can be reduced using hydrotherapy. There is a range of water aerobics to increase the motion of the neck. Apart from that, usage of Epsom salt in the bath is a good way to alleviate the pain as it helps to decrease inflammation and muscle pain.

Ice and Heat

Depending on the type of the neck pain, both ice and heat can be used to treat it. Ice is good for injuries and heat is good for sprains. Especially after an incident like whiplash, the pain can be reduced using ice. The pain associated with a pulled muscle can be reduced with a heating pad (after the swelling lessens, however).

Chiropractic Remedies

If the problem persists even after the treatments mentioned above, the patient should see a certified chiropractor. These professionals are capable of adjusting the spine using methodologies which are standardized worldwide. However, it is always important to select a certified, experienced and knowledgeable professional.

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