Prevent Back Pain With a Pillow

young sleeping woman seeing sweet dreamsBack pain has many causes; sometimes it stems from a medical condition such as arthritis or spinal stenosis. It can result from a sprain, fracture or any other accidental injury. Many people develop back pain due to being overweight or sedentary. According to research, four out of five people will experience back pain at some point in their life, and this medical condition is the fifth reason why people visit the doctor. Most back pain often gets better after a week, and surgery is rarely necessary. Let’s look at one area that can help relieve back pain – our sleeping position.  Here are a few tips on the best sleeping positions to reduce lower back pain:

  1. Choosing the right mattress and pillow for sleeping at night is necessary in order to prevent back pain from occurring. Experts believe that people must stick with their personal preferences, whether they prefer the firmness of a harder mattress, or the comfort of a soft bed, to have a blissful night’s sleep.
  2. If you are a side sleeper, then draw your legs up to towards your chest and sleep with a pillow between your knees.  This position reduces pressure and muscle tension in your lower back and hips by preventing your upper leg from pulling your spine. It can also help support the lower body by positioning your legs, hips, and knees into the right alignment.
  3. If you are a back sleeper, then put a pillow under your knees to allow the spine to maintain its natural curve and reduce stress. The pillow for your head will support the head, shoulders and the curve of your neck.
  4. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then place a flat pillow under the stomach and pelvis area which can help keep the spine in better alignment. The pillow under your head must be flat or sleep without a pillow.
  5. When turning in bed, remember not to twist or bend at the waist but to move your entire body as one unit. Keep your stomach pulled in and tightened, and bend your knees toward the chest when you roll.

Sleeping in the proper position and with your head properly supported will result in a good night’s sleep without a back ache in the morning.

For more information, contact Hooper-Thurston Elite Chiropractic at 252-237-2166.


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